Let me start off by stating my appreciation and thanks to all in the medical profession.  This is not a personal attack on any of you, I’m just venting.

I am soooooooooooooooooo sick of hearing about Ebola!  Turn on the news and that’s the ONLY fucking thing you hear about.  Yes it’s a serious and deadly disease, this I am aware of but come the fuck on!

Now the second nurse to treat the Dallas dude is infected with the disease and traveled during her illness.  My question is…………….why the FUCK was she allowed to travel to begin with!  Yes she was cleared by the CDC but honestly if it would have been me and knowing how contagious this is, there is no way I would have gotten on a plane.  I would have been taking several anti bacterial filled baths and basically scrubbed my skin off. 

I was talking to my husband last night and going completely off about this because people at work cannot shut the fuck up about it.  Now I may be WAY off on this but here was my solution.  If you treat an infected patient, quarantine your damn self for like 2 months or something until you know for a fact that you don’t have it, then go live you life.  You treat a patient, you’re quarantined, done!  Why isn’t this an option?! 

Now I do not work in the medical profession and I have quite a few friends in the nursing profession and I’m not blaming you so don’t get all defensive and get your panties in a bunch.  I’m simply asking a question and a question I believe to be quite valid. 

Then they show these nurses being transported and they are making them walk?!  What the fuck?  Um typically aren’t they supposed to be in a wheelchair or a gurney of some sort?  Nope, it’s like saying, “Bitch you’re not sick, fucking walk, you have two legs.”  Screw you dickhead I have the Ebs (yes I nicknamed the disease) and I need to lay down cause I’m going to start bleeding out of every orifice pretty soon and my ass will explode like Mt Vesuvius. (Granted I have no idea if that happens nor if Mt Vesuvius is even an active volcano, it’s just a rant so deal).

Let’s move on to the dog they decided to murder (yep murder) in Spain shall we.  His owner was infected who was a nurse treating a patient, therefore they decided, “well let’s kill the dog because they dog might have it and might infect others, etc…”.  No proven evidence of this yet but ya, let’s kill him.  Does this mean we should kill all the humans that have it so it doesn’t spread?  Yet another valid question that will get everyone all worked up because an animal is different from a human (says you not me).  Fuck that noise.  My dog is my family, you attack my dog, you attack me.  You attack me, I’ll come at you like a spider monkey.  Got that.

Just sayin.

side note:  moved my daily looks to my fashion page of this blog if you are at all interested in seeing what clothing looks like on a size 10/12 who happens to have real curves and not curves that people apparently say JLo has.