Apparently a couple of my readers have been wondering why I haven’t blogged lately. I ran out of ammo. I just had no motivation and didn’t want to just write about nonsense. Although there are things still pissing me off on a daily basis (shocking) I just haven’t had the energy to write it out and most of it is work related which I keep off of my blog for professional reasons and I like to be able to pay my bills 🙂



Lately it has been quite rainy here in good ole Milwaukee, WI and for some reason this has greatly upset drivers and you would think that it was a blizzard and the roads were made out of ice. I mean seriously people, its water, it’s not frozen and it won’t hurt you but I might if you don’t pull your head out of your ass and drive you damn car. Now if it were snow………….then they’d drive like complete idiots and cause accidents. Fucking tools.

Ahhhh that felt good



It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Let’s move onto my neighbors, I have a story for all of them, but will only tell one today.

Our next door neighbors on one side of us are twin boys who are in their early 20’s. They used to be nice when their mom was alive and their step dad lived there. Now that both are gone they have turned into little assholes. Granted, they keep the house (at least the outside from what I know) very nice and have done a lot of work to it but that does not give you the right to criticize my house or what I do to it or don’t do to it. The other day they finally decided to talk to my husband but only to tell him that they know someone that can cut our pine tree down because they notice it’s growing into our maple tree. What the fuck is the big damn deal! Maybe I like tree porn and I want to see the pine tree and maple tree get it on, what fucking business is it of yours? Is it bother you that much? Do you not have anything else better to do then look up at our trees? Get a fucking life! They constantly criticize our backyard and the plants and what not as well. Guess what fuckers, I happen to like my weeds OK! I think I grow the best damn weeds in the city and some of them grow pretty flowers OK and I like it! So suck on that! Maybe you should get a girlfriend (or boyfriend I don’t care), or a hobby that doesn’t include staring at our yard. Weirdos.


Work annoyances that everyone deals with

Not saying “good morning”. Why can’t I just say hi or hello? What if I’m not having a good morning and don’t want to say it? I hate that damn phrase. No, not good morning, it’s fucking Monday and I haven’t had coffee yet so you should be happy that I even made eye contact with you and wipe that fucking smile off your face, no one is that happy in the morning and if they are, they’re sick in the head.

Sending me an instant message to tell me to call you. What the fuck? Um, pick up your phone and call me. Why am I calling you? I don’t feel the need to talk to you right now, you’re the one that wants to talk to me so dial my extension.

Emailing me then calling me or coming up to my desk to tell me you emailed me or calling me to tell me the exact same thing you just emailed me. Are you bored? Do you not have enough work to do because I do and now I have to sit here and listen to you tell me you emailed me and what that email says. And if I don’t respond right away, holy hell the world just ended. I’m sorry, I have 100 emails I’m going through and yours is at the bottom of that list so I will get to it when I get to it. Calm the fuck down and breathe.

Just sayin.


To end my blog for the day I’m going to post a story about my cousin’s puppy that passed away over the weekend. This was far too soon for this little guy and it breaks my heart. The rescue Woof Gang is taking donations and I know just a month ago I went off about donating but I’m not asking or telling anyone to do this. If you want to, post on this blog and I can get you the address. If you don’t, don’t worry its fine, there is absolutely no obligation. I’m very passionate about dogs and animals in general so this really touched my heart.

This St. Bernard puppy, Lambeau, was in the process of being fostered/adopted by my cousin. Woof Gang Rescue saved him and drove to Kentucky before they were going to euthanize him to bring him to Racine. Krista & Cruz fell in love with him and found a little brother for their Leo. Unfortunately after only a few days in his forever home he started to get sick and they found he had parvovirus (which he was previously tested negative for) Woof Gang Rescue shelter went above and beyond to help him depleting all their funds (not to mention the owners personal money for vet bills ) but little Lambeau didn’t make it and crossed the rainbow bridge with so many bad shelters out there it is good to know we have a rescue like this right in our own backyard to help these babies find homes ..Please join me if you are able to make a donation to help them continue their work and find dogs families to love them…
RIP little guy.