Have you ever wanted to just yell FUCK as loud as you can?  And I’m not talking about when you get to your car or into a pillow, I’m talking about in the moment, at your cubicle surrounded by people working, just belting out FUCK so loud that you’re not sure if you’ve made yourself deaf or tore your vocal chords because shit just got silent?  Well if you have, then you’re “almost” to how I’m feeling about today.  Almost.

I’m going to just dive into some random rants today because it’s been a long day and I’ve got to get on the treadmill so I can continue to exercise and eat right but no lose weight.  I swear I should just eat ice cream for all my meals as it clearly makes absolutely no gawd damn difference.  And all those stupid infomercials on “I lost 50lbs with just doing this” can kiss my ass.  My big, ole, dimply, cottage cheese ass.  I’m pretty sure you didn’t just lose 50lbs by jumping around like a fucking idiot for only 20minutes a day.  Ya OK, well you go ahead and do that, I’m going to go and eat a pint of ice cream and top it off with a keg of beer.  Whore.

Ok so that was a little harsh but I’m sorry, I’m frustrated and if you don’t like what you just read then sorry but that’s how some of us bigger size girls feel and I’m saying what others are thinking.

Why is it that either when you’re walking up or down the stairs or getting off an elevator, people are shocked shitless?  For example, today, walking down the stairs after lunch and there is a group of people walking up the stairs and taking up the entire fucking stairway!  Now it’s a big stairway not like your emergency exit type of stairway.  Then one of them looks at me like I’m the idiot for wanting to walk down the stairs.  Holy shit excuse me! You must think I’m bat shit nutty for wanting to walk down these stairs at the exact time you’re walking up them!  Same thing with elevators, when you’re getting off of an elevator people seem so surprised because they want to get on and you’re in their way because you’re trying to get off.  Strange thing this common sense and patience thing is.  It’s very hard to get a grasp on.

And what is the deal with no one wanting to touch doors anymore?  I get so many people that will literally (and it’s happened) run up behind me so I hold the door for them and they don’t have to touch it.  I mean, really?  The door scares you that much?  Time to face your fears because I’m not holding it for you, instead I’ll hold it open ever so little so you still have to grab the door to open it but it looks like I really tried.  Now I’m not saying that I won’t hold it open for the people who obviously have armloads of crap or the little old lady who reminds me of my grandma but if you’re looking for a free door open, sorry, not going to happen.  I’m trying to teach you how to be independent, shed those fears and touch that door!  You can do it!

Now some of you might be thinking, this bitch is crazy, does she think she’s perfect?  Nope.  In fact I’ve done more than half the things I’ve ranted about BUT I’ve admitted that I’m now that asshole and I try to make sure I correct it and not do it in the future.  Other people are just assholes.

Just sayin.


Ok enough is enough.  Onto fashion.  Today I saw a few or many questionable pieces out there and just have to say, if the pants are too short, then don’t try to pull it off as capris or ankle pants.  Just you’re your losses and move on.  It’s not doing anything for your figure.  Sorry it’s just all the advice I have today as I’m tired and pretty cranky.

Onto what I wore today.  I couldn’t find the time to put the outfit together on Polyvore so you just get it on me, lucky youJ

I wore:

  • Floral, sheer Henley blouse from The Loft (Spring 2014)
  • Brown pants from The Limited

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