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So much to say (or rant about) and so little space.  I should probably save some for other blogs as I have also started a little notebook I carry around with me to jot down notes when I’m not at a computer, that way I can pick it up later and go on my rantingJ

Today is my first day back at work after a nice long 5 day weekend.  Unfortunately I spent three of those days sick so that didn’t work out too well for me but that’s just how it goes I guess.  I park in a structure at my company and I don’t understand what happens in people’s minds when they get in the structure with their car.  They instantly turn into fucking morons with a driver’s license.  Apparently it’s incredibly way too difficult to maneuver a car to turn or the driver is too damn lazy, and no need to worry about people walking, no no no, just run their asses over, it’s totally OK!  It’s not the fucking Indy track, slow your asses down and watch for people actually walking!

So now that I’ve almost been ran over to start my day, I figured a nice breakfast should help me being able to handle the millions of emails that have piled up in my absence.  Which by the way always cracks me up when people send me an email when they know I’m out of the office for a while and are asking me a question.  Uh dude, NOT AT WORK!  That’s why there is this little invention called AUTOMATIC OUT OF OFFICE RESPONSE!  You should read it, I hear it’s pretty good and informative.  Any who,   the breakfast line.  All I get is eggs, I put my scrambled eggs in my little container and that’s it.  So why I ask, WHY do I feel the person’s breath from behind me?  Oh ya, because you are literally standing on top of me!  Chill the fuck out man, you will get your fattening bacon and I’m pretty sure I am not taking all the eggs so why don’t you just back the hell off please so I don’t have your germs all up in my food!  I just don’t understand what the deal is with people constantly having to be on top of you when waiting in a line.  There is this thing that I’ve heard of when I was a kid and while I was growing up, it’s called “patience”. Now I don’t think it’s a disease so if you’re worried about catching it I think you’ll be OK, maybe even a better person.

Why are women such pigs in a public restroom?  It’s not like we’re playing target practice with our dicks because most of us (I say most because I do know some chics with dicks) so why is there urine on the toilet seat?  Even if you hover I don’t get it.  And if you do happen to pee on the seat, are you unable to see it and clean it up yourself, or do you have a weird urine fetish and like leaving it there for the next person to see?  Please I’d like to know because I don’t get it.  Then when you wash your hands, are you literally bathing yourself in the sink because I’ve seen bird baths with less water around it.  It’s almost like you just took a fucking hand shower!  Are you rebelling because you clean your bathroom at home so much or do you just like being a pig?  And the toilet paper, OH MY GAWD, the toilet paper!  Why in the or how in the hell are you pulling the paper down so much that the next person gets the pieces that you just left hanging all the way down to the floor!?  Yes please I’d like to wipe myself with that piece that is hanging and grazing the floor, that way it’ll be nice and full of germs and piss that you left on the floor cause you a pig and don’t know who to pee properly!

Just sayin.

For my fashion portion today I was feeling a little like fall so I went with a darker combination.  Now the items reflected in the Polyvore version are different than what I wore, minus the pants, bracelets and shoes.  I didn’t have the other items in my arsenal so I had to use what I could find that would be similar.


What I wore is:

  • Black pants from The Limited
  • Olive Green blouse from Express (a couple years old)
  • Cognac shoes from Aldo
  • The necklaces I wore are from Anthropologie (on clearance cause that store is PRICEY!) and a longer one from a street vendor at a fair I went to last year
  • Alex and Ani bracelets
  • And yes the glasses in the picture below are real glasses I need to wear to see, I’m not like one of those poser nerds that feel the need to wear fake ones. I’m not however, wearing them in the picture of myself

What I wore to work 8/6/14

Please forgive the messy room as this is the spare room that all the junk gets put into.  I’m hoping as I get more followers I can clean it up a bit:)
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