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Today is my Friday, after today I’m off of work for 5 glorious workless days and I cannot wait.


This morning I was sitting at my desk and working on an email to my boss.  Now I sit at a cubicle and there are 2 others at cubicles in here too and then offices in the back.  I don’t have a check in window and I’m not an administrative assistant that you need to check with.  Any who, it really truly annoys the shit out of me when people can see I’m working come up to my desk and stand there staring me.  Then they tell me they’re here to see so and so.  Great!  Wonderful!  I’m so excited to hear that, please have a seat and can I offer your some coffee or a muffin?  There’s a chair, sit you ass in it and whomever you have a meeting with will come out and get you.  Now thank you for making me lose train of thought in work I was doing that I will now probably fuck up because you felt the need to tell me you have a meeting with someone.

And what is with people and small talk.  There are times I have to bring someone somewhere in our building and there are always two topics that get discussed:

  • Weather
  • How BEAUTIFUL the building is and when was it built

For starters, there are no windows in my part of the building so I could give a shit less what it’s like outside and yes it’s a freaking beautiful building and no I don’t know nor care when it was built.  I know people don’t know that I get to discuss these two wonderful topics daily but you would think they would have some sort of inkling.  I prefer uncomfortable silence.  I don’t feel the need to know you so therefore I don’t want to talk to you.  Can you just let us sit in silence for this 2 minute walk?


Today I went on my usual lunch time walk and decided to stay indoors today as being covered in sweat isn’t something comfortable at the end of the day.  Anyways, I’m walking around the little path that everyone who walks inside does and I swear no one likes to move.  I’m one person, just me, not walking with anyone else and people who are walking with 3-5 people just take up the entire damn hallway and damn near run me into a wall.  Move the fuck over or I’m dropping a shoulder and then it’s on.  It’s not just at work either, it’s on sidewalks outside.  My husband and I run into that all the time where we are the mannered ones and will move into single file while the people coming from the other direction who refuse to let go of each other’s hands because you might get fucking lost get to stay side by side.  Now my husband will just complain and move on.  Me on the other hand, I make him switch sides with me and I play a little game of chicken with them.  I’ll ram right into someone I don’t give a shit.  It’s not my fault that you weren’t raised with manners and now the words “excuse me”.  Granted if they come back at me fighting and swinging, I’m going down.  I talk the talk but I’m a complete pussy if it comes to throwing punches.  Yes I’m that person.  It’s more of the fact that people just don’t have manners more than anything that bothers me.  I was raised on “please, thank you and you’re welcome”.  Apparently that is a language that has become as difficult to understand as Klingon (which I do not speak but it sounds really weird and I don’t get it so thought it was a decent comparison).



One more rant and on to the fashion portion I swear.

What is with people using the handicap door if they’re not handicap?  I realize with some it’s germ thing but guess what, that door is being used more than the other doors so you’re already getting the germs on you.  Others I think are just lazy.  One time someone next to me walking pushed the handicap button to open the door and I opened the manual door right next to them.  They looked at me and asked why I did that.  UM BECAUSE I’M NOT FUCKING HANDICAPPED!  Is what I wanted to say, I simply shrugged my shoulders and gave the “I don’t know” look.

Just sayin.


Ok onto what I wore today.  I was super excited about my outfit today because I decided to go into my goal bag (a bag of clothing from last year that don’t fit this year) and tried on a pair of GAP capris that I’ve been dying to wear. They still had tags on them for Pete’s sake.  AND THEY FIT! I would have done a happy dance but I was running late as it was because I was too busy staring at myself in the mirror in awe.

Now let’s discuss the shirt.  Let me start by saying I never pay full price for clothing and accessories.  I will always have a coupon.  The shirt is from Express and is a $50 shirt.  I had a coupon for $15 off (not one of my finer moments but still was cheaper than $50).  I  get up to the register, the shirt is on clearance for $17, uh SCORE!  She looks up my account, I have a $15 reward to use.  Total cost of the shirt with tax, $3!

The shirt on the Polyvore is slightly darker as the one I’m wearing is a lighter greyish tone.  Other than that, everything else is pretty much similar.

what i wore to work 7/31

What it looked like on me:
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