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Warning to readers, I plan on going into a multi topic rant so be prepared to switch gears at a moment’s notice.  Thank you.

So I’m standing in line for breakfast and for starters, why the hell do people feel the need to be all up in my personal space behind me in line?  I feel like I should lay out a welcome mat and say “welcome to my personal space, may I offer you a beverage?”  Seriously.  Then I have to wait in yet another line to just get a damn fork, A FORK, and this happens to be by the great smelling carbs (by the way all I did was catch whiff and I felt my ass grow an inch) and there is a woman in front of me getting fruit salad.  Now I’ll all about getting your fruit salad on but this piece of work was digging through the fruit to pick out all the pineapple and grapes.  Really bitch?  If that’s all you want, take your happy ass to the grocery store and pick up your own sliced pineapple and grapes and bring your own shit!  Now there’s no left for anyone else because you are a selfish broad.

That was breakfast.

Then I’m back at my desk, starting to work (yay) and an employee walks in and is looking for a vision claims form which we have displayed, OK fine, and no worries there.  He finds what he’s looking for then proceeds to come over to me and ask for the vision claims company’s fax number.  Um dude, you have the form in your hand, and you see what I see so what do you think?   But to be nice I looked up the information on the internet (which by the way is the SAME information he was holding) and he decided to come around my desk and stand behind me.  Now I work in Human Resources and have confidential information on my screen pretty much all the time.  That super annoys me.  Really?  You feel the need to crowd me in my personal space (once again this morning, sensing a theme here?)?

Mornings like these, I wish I had an ass full of farts.  No one would be in my personal space then.  I might even be in my personal space…..


I work in a professional office type of job and it just AMAZES me that some people find it necessary to CC their boss or my boss or whomever’s boss on emails when they decide that you have done something wrong and would like to ream you out about it.  I mean come one people, can’t you just discuss the issue first with just the person and if it becomes more than you can handle or a bigger issue THEN rope in the boss man?  That’s what I do.  It’s like running to your mommy or daddy that the other kid spilled milk on the table.  Clean up the fucking mess for pete’s sake and move on.  The world didn’t stop turning did it?  Did the ground open up and swallow you whole?  Will you now not get into Heaven or whichever afterlife you believe in (FYI, I will not discuss religions or beliefs of that nature as everyone is entitled to their own opinion as you see I have plenty myself)?  NO, so stop running to mom and dad and fix the damn problem yourself.  There are far worse things that can happen.

Just sayin

Now on to fashion now that I got that stuff off my chest.


Today I still went casual but amped it up slightly.  I get bored easily with work clothes because I’m stuck behind a desk all day so no one sees nor cares what I wear.  The cardigan shown is Banana Republic but I got mine at H&M.  The earrings are similar to what I wore but mine came from my favorite store in Downtown Racine, WI called Dimples.

Here is the Polyvore version.

Work Wear 7/30/14


And here is what it looks like on me:

What I wore to work 7/30/14 073014 (2) 073014 (3)