Ok so this is my first attempt at blogging EVER. I’m not even sure I’m doing this correctly which makes this even better. I suppose I should start by explaining why I’m blogging and what my blog will be focused on.
This blog will be about daily crap that everyone deals with (most of us anyways) and never say it. Well I’m going to say it. It’ll be rude and crude and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of haters but I already deal with that now so bring it on I say.
I’m opinionated but in a funny way not a bitchy way. I just feel I need people to read this and say to themselves, “yes, I felt that exact way one time!”
After I do my daily discussion on what pissed me off that day or some sort of revelation I came across I will shift my focus to fashion.
I LOVE fashion! However, I feel fashion has only two sides, the size 0 women with no hips and the coveted thigh gap all females drool over and the plus size women. Neither of these sides I have anything against as I myself drool over the size 0 women who seem to be able to wear anything and everything, and the plus sized women who seem to have such confidence it’s insane! I love them both. I’m just stuck in the middle. So I will try to post my fashion ideas I have dreamed up that day and put together an outfit I will then take a picture of on my own body so it can be shown that women are beautiful in each shape and size.
Yes I realize there are a BILLION blogs out there that are focused on the same thing and why should anyone read mine? Why should you? If you got this far you must be somewhat interested right? Trust me, I’m sure my grammar will suck and I’m also sure I’ll piss off a few if not many people and some of those people might be my close friends and family members but if you already know me, then you should know I have a big mouth.
So If you like what you’ve read so far, add me to your feed and watch for my next installment where I discuss who I am and why I’ve decided to blog. It’ll either put you to sleep from boredom or you might actually enjoy my wit and decide to keep following me:)
I’m just sayin.