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So after having a nice 3 day weekend it was back to reality today.  It was quite an easy day which worries me what the rest of the week will bring.  Although I only have a 3 day week as I’m off again on FridayJ

I currently have a desk job in a cubicle, in the lowest level of the building which has no windows so from time to time I forget that there is an outside and nature.

I can’t believe I actually have nothing to complain or bitch about today.  Typically someone or something pisses me off during the day as I deal with people all day long but today was kind of quiet.  Maybe it’s the calm before the storm?  Because of this I have nothing witty to say and by witty I mean a nice sarcastic rant that will be a HUGE run-on sentence because I will totally forget any grammar or punctuation I learned as a child, teenager and in college.  In fact in that sentence I misspelled 3 words already but you’ll never know which ones thanks to spellcheckJ

Since I have nothing daily wise to bitch about, I’ll just bitch about “eating healthy”.  I don’t like to say “dieting” because hell everyone every day is on a diet.  But this whole eating healthy thing and working out to stay fit is starting to get on my last nerve.  Over the past 2 years I have put on 20lbs (and a HUGE thank you to my doctor for making sure she told me that as if I didn’t already know, “oh really doc?  I put on weight, I haven’t noticed how I had to change my entire wardrobe, thanks!”)  I believe most of this is due to medication I was on a while back that just took my metabolism down to the pace of a massive turtle that is over 300years old and weighs a ton.  I eat very healthy but I don’t do that gluten free, taste free, organic shit.  I can’t afford that.  I just watch my portions, track my calorie intake on a website I use and do A LOT of walking.  Yet my weight refuses to budge, and I swear, if one person comments that I need to mix my cardio with strength training, eat this or that or do this or that, I’m going to go off on a tangent that won’t even make sense to me.  I’ve tried it all, and I mean it ALL.  Then you have my friends who take a shit and POOF 10lbs gone and then the next week another shit and POOF another 10lbs gone.  I mean WTF!  (Yep I used the abbreviation and I am ashamed as is my English professor from college).  I just don’t exactly know what I need to do anymore to just lose 10lbs so I can fit some clothing from last summer.  I’m getting fed up with buying new clothes all the freaking time and I’m tired of busing my ass working out, eating right and reaping no benefits but the “health” aspects.  Yes I know what I’m doing is healthy but I wouldn’t mind seeing that scale go down or my pants get a little looser.

Onto my fashion post for the day.  I felt a bit like a sloth today and not the cute version.  So I opted for a loose top and pants.  Went a little minimal on jewelry as well.  Sometimes there are just days you don’t feel like dressing up. One picture is the outfit I put together on Polyvore and the other is what I looks like on me.  Now you might be asking yourself, “This bitch likes fashion?”  Yes I do like it.  Can’t afford it all but I do like it and when I do feel like dressing up I do a fantastic job, so much so that my friends and family often ask me to do shopping for them.  Just because someone LOVES fashion, doesn’t necessarily mean they can always dress like it.  Especially when you’re dealing with a weight issue.

Just Sayin

This is the Polyvore version:

Business Casual

Old Navy long sleeve top

Boot cut pants

ALDO taupe wedge shoes

14k pendant (not the same one I was wearing but similar in color)

Alex and Ani charm jewelry

Miadora sterling silver circle earrings  (not the same pair I was wearing but similar)

Alex and Ani charm jewelry

This is how it looked on my body:
072914 072914 (2)