Welcome welcome! 

This is my first time blogging and I’m still learning so please take it easy if you think I’m a complete tool and have no idea what I’m doing because I do not:)

In this blog you will see a daily topic that I will go off about that just really irritates me.  Once I’ve cleared my head on that, I will move onto my daily diet struggle as most women and men are “dieting” or “eating right”, I’m actually eating right and exercising but am struggling to lose the weight and I feel I need to share this with others who may be having the exact same issue.

I will then wrap up the post with some fashion advice and show you what I’ve worn that day.  Why is this different than other blogs?  I’m not a size 0.  I’m a size 12-14, 5’3″ and weigh approximately 155-160lbs.  So people will get to see what clothing looks like on a real body, not a mannequin or someone the media has trained us to think is “perfect”.



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